World Rabies Day - 2017 (Zero by 30)

Bhutan has been observing World Rabies Day ever since its inception in 2007. The theme for World Rabies Day 2017 is “Zero by 30”.(Zero human deaths from dog-mediated Rabies by 2030). These are the activities successfully carried out during World Rabies Day 2017:

- Public Awareness through short message service (SMS).
- Airing of Documentary on Rabies: A twenty minute long documentary on Rabies in Dzongkha with English sub-titles to be aired on World Rabies Day through the national television, BBS TV and local TV channels
- Radio talk on Rabies: Talk/interview on Rabies in Bhutan will be aired on 28th September 2017 in Dzongkha, English, Sharchop and Lhotsham language/ Dialect.
Date and time of airing of radio talk shows
Dzongkha - 28 September 2017 @ 6.30 PM, FM 98
English - 28 September 2017 @ 5.20 PM, FM 96
Sharchop - 28 September 2017 @ 6.30 PM, FM 96
Lhotsham - 26 September 2017 @ 11.30 AM and 27 September 2017 @ 5.20 PM, FM 96.
- Class room education for primary students
- Quiz competition among students on Rabies
- Rabies Awareness walkathons
- Workshop on "Assessment of Rabies Control Program in Bhutan using Stepwise Approach Towards Rabies Elimination (SARE tool) and Developing Strategic Plan of Action"
- Free rabies vaccination of dogs and cats in rabies endemic areas
- Distribution of IEC materials on responsible pet ownership, how avoid dog bites and facts on rabies.

These activities were carried out throughout the rabies endemic regions of Bhutan jointly by the Department of livestock of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and the Department of Public Health of the Ministry of Health.

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