Disease Prevention and Control Unit

The Disease Prevention and Control Unit (DPCU) formulate implements and monitor the various nationally coordinated disease prevention and control programs for disease such as FMD, HPAI, Rabies, HS, NCD etc in the country

This unit is responsible to maintain the database on the livestock diseases prevalent in the country through the online TADinfo database system. The unit is entrusted to compile, analyse, and report the incidences of outbreaks of notifiable diseases to the higher authorities in Bhutan and to the global animal health body (OIE). The unit also spearheads the formulation of animal disease emergency response plans (contingency plans) for trans-boundary emerging animal diseases and also develop standards for import and export regulations in consultation with the other stakeholders of livestock sector.

It is also the focal agency for contact (reporting and feedback) with international organizations like OIE (World Organization for Animal Health), FAO, WHO, APHCA (Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia Pacific) on all matters of animal health concerns.

Epidemiology & GIS section

The section is responsible for maintaining disease information system and analysis of disease data including disease mapping, designing and supervising disease surveys, assisting the unit in formulating rapid response plans and updating of standards for animal diseases for import-export.

Veterinary Public Health

The section is responsible for formulation, implementation and monitoring of all the nationally coordinated zoonotic disease control programme. The section is also mandated to take lead in the to establish closer links with the Department of Public Health of the Ministry of Health for undertaking surveys, surveillance programs, and researches on zoonotic diseases through One Health approach so as to minimize the risk to human beings.

Clinical Service Section

The unit is responsible for providing clinical services to the nearly villages in Thimphu or as and when requested by Dzongkhags for cases which the field staff are not capable to handle.